Insectocutor-Flying Insect Control

Control Flies and Other Flying Insect- Install Insectocutor

Excellent for kitchens, restaurants, pharmaceutical concerns, hospitals, operation theatres, sweet shops, food industries, breweries, dairies, Farmhouse and other places where flying insects are a problem. If you are a stickler for cleanliness and hygienic conditions in your premises and are embarrassed when customers or guests see flies around, Insectocutor is a must.
Insectocutor in your premises shows your customers or guests that you really care for cleanliness. Flies are carriers of germs causing various dreadful diseases. They sit on garbage, dung and other filthy places, pick up germs which stick to their bodies and transmit the same to your food
Besides flies Insectocutor also eliminates dragon flies, bees, moths, bumblebees, and other flying insects.

Special Product Features

  1. Insectocutor is completely powder coated and therefore has excellent finish. Besides, the powder coating lasts for more than 20 years! Hence Insectocutor will not corrode in its life time.
  2. Insectocutor is aesthetically designed and is the best looking fly-killing device in India.
  3. The ultra-violet tubes are made by Philips, Holland / Hitachi, Japan.
  4. The high voltage transformer is coated with polyester to protect it against moisture.

Guarantee :

Since there are no moving parts, Insectocutor requires hardly any maintenance. The Insectocutor carries a guarantee of 12 months against manufacturing defects except for the tube. The life of the tube is approximately 3000 lighting hours. About 8 hours every day for 365 days. Gradually the effectiveness of the tube in attracting insects reduces. It should therefore be replaced every year.