FLY Catcher

FLY Catcher Cabinet or Machine in Mumbai

Fly catcher cabinet or machine is a kind of electronic device that attracts flies or insects into it and kills them through electric shock. Flies and mosquitos get attracted towards the colourful tube light installed in the system and when they come close to the tube light they get electrocuted by the electric wire near the tube light. These kind of fly insect killer machines are used at various places to eliminate flies as it doesn’t create any noise and also smell free significance.

We as Pepcopp pest Control Company is leading Fly killer dealers in Mumbai who offers the highly efficient Fly catcher cabinet or machine in Mumbai. The electronic fly insect killer machines offered by us are very Easy to handle and can easily be installed. It takes very low maintenance cost. We supply Fly Catcher Machines with different sizes and capacities as per the demands of our clients.

Advantages of FLY Catcher

The Main Advantage of Fly catcher is that the dead body of insects are not let out into the atmosphere surrounding the environment. So you will get silent, efficient as well as convenient device that is best in commercial areas like retail stores, restaurants, food processing industries and many others.