FLY Ribbon

FLY Ribbon

Fly ribbon or Fly papers are being used since ancient times to eliminate any kind of insects or flies. It is nothing but a simple paper sheet coated with sweet-smelling scent with strong paste properties. It is very less expensive and environment friendly technique to keep flies away.

It works on the principle that flies have strong sense of smell & they get attracted to towards fly ribbons and as soon as they land on the fly papers they get stuck to it. Once they stuck on it then can't go out from it. They die after struggling some times.

Where to use FLY Ribbon or FLY Paper

Fly Ribbons can be hanged both inside and outside of house. If you want more impressive results then it will be best to hang it in the areas where the chance of coming of flies are high. It can be utilized near window sheets, near entrances etc.

Likewise, on the off chance that you are utilizing a fly paper outside then make a point to change it following a couple days, as it might lose its productivity when it gets to be dusty.