Mouse Glue Trap

Mouse Glue Traps

Our glue traps are imported and they have been extensively tested by us in the field and have delivered consistent and excellent results.

By using the glue with perfume, the results are excellent.This trap is environment-friendly Product that doesn't contain the harmful toxic chemicals.This Product is very hygienic. In addition, it's easy to treat and install in the narrow place.This Product has an excellent adhesive strength and once the mouse is caught it can never run away.

How to use

Carefully separate glue trap, place glue side up on floors along the walls,or where pests have been seen or suspected.If no rats or mice are caught in 3~4days,move trap to a new location.For the best results, use several glue trap at a time and place same bait.Wrap mice with glue trap in several layers of newspaper, and discard in trash